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Plantscaping 101 for Hotels and Restaurants

plantscapes 101 for hotels and restaurants

Do you want to make your hotels or restaurant a more pleasant place for your customers? What about creating an environment that promotes their health and well-being while also raising the perceived worth of your business? UAE’s best indoor landscaping company, Plantscapes – A Desert Group Company can help design and maintain your indoor landscapes […]

3 Ways to Modernize Your Workspace with Interior Landscaping

interior landscaping, planscapes

If you’re a business owner or property manager who needs help making an old office space look modern with interior landscaping, this blog is for you. Whether your office space is outdated or just has a dated feel to it that doesn’t jive with the vibe of your company, Plantscapes – UAE’s elite interior landscaping […]

3 Reasons Why Hotels Must Have Plants

Plants at Hotels, hotel plants

Whether you are a backpacker or a seasoned tourist, it is very likely that hotels are an integral part of your traveling journey. Hotels make your stay comfortable. Whether it is a local hotel with basic amenities or a three-star, five-star hotel with a heritage status; greenery is what makes the living spaces more interesting. […]

How To Water Your Plants The Right Way

how to water your plant

Plantscapes are the best indoor plants maintenance company in UAE. With our plant maintenance experts in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we know how to water your plants the right way and spend less time doing it. The first thing we need to make sure that the plant pots have drainage holes at the bottom to […]

10 of the Best Indoor Plants in the U.A.E. for Your Office & Home


Plants can add to an otherwise monotonous office environment, a great deal of organic character. They can convert your workspace into a more tranquil, and stimulating environment, but your lovely new indoor plants could suffer an untimely end if you’re not very green-thumbed. Introducing plants may be the missing connection to nature required to boost […]

The Snake Plant – It Doesn’t Get Easier Than This

snake plant - plantscapes

Snake plants, also known as “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”, scientific name – Sansevieria, have grown to become one of the most popular house plants in recent years all because of their combination of striking leaves with amazing hardiness. They’re the houseplants that even black thumbs will have no problems with! They can also be used as air […]


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Office life can get busy and it’s understandable that your decorative plants aren’t always the first priority. Indoor plant maintenance in the U.A.E. is crucial if you want to keep your office plants healthy, happy, pest–free, and looking their best. Even if you have a minimal number of plants or a simple arrangement, professional indoor […]

The Rise of Moss Walls

moss wall plantscapes

This trend towards greenery and natural elements within interior design is nothing new. Demand has skyrocketed in recent years as businesses and institutions both large and small begin to take employee, guest, and customer well-being more seriously. Wellness and brand-conscious design have become more essential than ever as people’s desire for natural and authentic experiences […]

What Plantscapes is All About!


Arid desert environment of the UAE makes green highly desirable and much sought after. We began our journey in interior plantscaping in 2008 after identifying a wide gap in the market between interior designers and indoor plant supply & maintenance services. We aimed to bridge this gulf by providing innovative solutions to bring nature indoors. […]

Wooden planters are good for your plant’s health!


Plants and flowers enhance the overall look of a house or workplace. Using planters is a good idea to uplift the look of your plants. Planters act as a finishing touch to a landscaping project. Hanging baskets, pots, planters of different shapes, sizes, colors can add style and elegance inside and outside your residential building […]