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Moss Wall

At Plantscapes, we believe that moss walls are a symbol of harmony, ages, and tradition and we discovered that we could create one-of-a-kind designs with a deep catalogue of texture and color options., to complement any interior.


Create art & abstract natural design

Moss walls are a unique take on the concept of vertical gardens, with tiny details of moss suggesting an ancient, mysterious world beyond our understanding.

What is a Moss Wall? Interestingly, also called a Green Wall, which is where the confusion can begin between the two. We construct our Moss Walls with real, but preserved moss that does not require any dirt, soil or substrate, or any watering & misting of any kind. The Moss is preserved using a natural paraffin or glycerin process to retain its color, texture and soft, plush quality with zero maintenance (except for the occasional dusting using compressed air) for at least ten years.

Form, Function, and Style all coexist in moss, allowing moss to function in nearly any way that you can imagine, and can even be outfit with wood, stone, succulents, and more to create a truly inspired look and feel. The key is that moss fixtures require less effort and less budget in the long run.

The Moss we use is the finest quality Reindeer Moss sourced from Europe. Available in a variety of colors, we can create anything from standard designs to designs with a natural, rugged look to designs with company logos or names, with how versatile moss is, you are limited only by your imagination.

Our Process

Oasegroen Mossy Walls lead
  • Design Discussion

    We sit with you to go over the space you want to cover with Moss and go over the design possibilities to best fit the available space.

  • Sampling

    Once you decide on a design we provide with samples so you can make an informed decision on what you choose and also select a color that suits your needs the best.

  • Design & Quote Submittal

    After you select the desired type and color we will provide you with an idea of what the design might look like and a quote for the same.

  • Moss Wall Installation

    Once approved we will go ahead with the installation process of the Moss Wall at a convenient pre-determined time and date.

Moss Wall

Supply and Installation

Moss walls are one of the most versatile and compelling design elements to emerge on the interior design market in a while. These living wall alternatives have all of the splendor of a Green Wall but are free from the irrigation and lighting requirements that are essential to healthy living Green Walls. Moss walls are incredibly lightweight for their size, especially compared to the same sized living wall.

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Project Samples

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Project Samples


Project Samples


Project Samples