Office life can get busy and it’s understandable that your decorative plants aren’t always the first priority. Indoor plant maintenance in the U.A.E. is crucial if you want to keep your office plants healthy, happy, pest-free, and looking their best.

Even if you have a minimal number of plants or a simple arrangement, professional indoor plant maintenance can be incredibly useful. All plants have a diverse range of needs that should be taken into account when watering them, feeding them, and re-potting them. Different sunlight requirements are also a big factor in whether or not your plants will prosper and keep beautifying your office space.

Professional indoor plant maintenance services like Plantscapes not only know how to address the needs of hundreds of plant species to keep them in top shape, they can help add to your arrangement or help you create a wonderfully aesthetic design from scratch. This includes statuary and garden seating, and a large selection of international ceramics to house your plants that can specifically match your office decor. So let’s look at some of the reasons you should hire experienced technicians like ours to look after your plants.


  • Healthy plants look fantastic, dead plants look terrible!

    It sounds obvious, but the visual impact of healthy, well cared for plants is amazing.  However, a dead plant looks terrible and sends all the wrong signals to your staff and your customers.  It’s not plain sailing though.  Plants are temperamental things, and careful selection is required to match up the correct plant to the location, taking into account factors such as light level and temperature.  Without this even the most green fingered person doesn’t stand a chance!  That’s why using a professional who knows what plants are suitable for your location is a good idea.


  • Service & Care.

    Professional gardeners are adaptive and able to provide the utmost highest customer service and care whilst working around you. High quality maintenance services will fit in to and improve your lifestyle and not interfere with your lifestyle. Regular uninterrupted service includes plenty of fertilizing, delicate pruning and re-potting as needed, inspection for and removal of any pests, as well as regular and adequate watering. This kind of attention simply can’t be administered by busy workers in an office. Plant maintenance services also clean and repair any provided pots and ceramics that your plants live in, making sure that your entire arrangement remains fresh and inviting. Dirty and neglected pots make caring for the plants all the more difficult and may increase the risk of pests and disease.


  • Plant pests – they’ll drive you & your team mad.

    There’s a lot of different pests out there, and given half a chance they’ll come and settle down on your plants.  Whether it’s irritating small Sciarid flies, ugly mealy-bugs, or tiny, barely visible red spider mites that ruin leaves, unless you have the necessary training and equipment they can be very difficult to control and quickly become an issue – not just for your plants, but for staff and customers too.  That’s why we recommend our clients always go for a planting maintenance package when ordering.


  • Watering – too much, or too little...

    A common killer of house plants are issues based around watering.  And contrary to what most people believe, plants are more likely to die due to too much water! Watering is an art, and something that our staff spend months mastering prior to qualifying as a technician.  With so many variables affecting how much water plants need it’s a skilled job, and one that’s best left to professionals if you want your plants to remain healthy and looking great.


  • Replacing plants when they’re past their best.

    Even with the best maintenance sometimes plants need changing.  Maybe they’ve been in an office that’s had the heating turned down over Christmas, or it’s an orchid that has lost its flowers, but changes do need to be made.  We take pride in our proactive approach and that our maintenance technicians have spare plants ready so changes can be done ASAP… after all, no-one likes a dead or dying plant on their premises.  However, without this service, plants tend to get left, limping along looking terrible. Not an ideal situation, and another reason why it’s best to get a proper maintenance service arranged.


  • Time is money…

    We’re sometimes asked to take over from clients who’ve realized that they really don’t have the time to look after their plants.  Often in this case they’re neglected, as people just haven’t had the time between getting their other tasks done to take on the regular watering and care that plants need to remain healthy. They enjoy challenges, finding solutions and are used to working in all sorts of conditions rain or shine. Caring for the different parts of the garden is their love. Ensuring your plants thrive season after season from one year to the next can save you money if you find yourself constantly replacing plants because they sadly haven’t survived.