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Plantscapes are the best indoor plants maintenance company in UAE. With our plant maintenance experts in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we know how to water your plants the right way and spend less time doing it. The first thing we need to make sure that the plant pots have drainage holes at the bottom to avoid dampness that can create root rot.

Watering From Below

Although watering from above is still the most common method of watering plants, we believe that watering your plants from below is a more uniform and less risky way to not drain the nutrients away. Furthermore, you can be certain that the water reaches the roots.

Plants can be soaked in a tray, a big container, the sink, or the bathtub. Fill it with a few millimeters of water at the bottom. Place your plant pots in there and leave them to absorb water for a few hours. The advantage is that you can water many plants at the same time. Allow them to dry before reinstalling them.

Self-watering pots are extremely convenient and time-saving. No more over-or under-watering; the plant takes care of everything. You just need to replace the water reservoir before it becomes dry, which happens about every other month (but varies case by case). Plantscape stocks a wide variety of indoor plant pots with drainage holes that are suitable for all indoor plants. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Other Watering Tips

Pebble can be used as a soil topping to keep moisture in the soil longer. To reduce evaporation, add a decorative layer of pebbles or pea-size gravels over the soil.

Stick a finger (or a toothpick) in the top 2 cm (1 inch) of soil to see if it is still damp on the inside. If the soil sticks to it, it’s moist.

Examine the soil’s border to see if it is dry. If there is a visible gap between the soil and the pot’s edge, it implies that all of the water has evaporated.

And last, but not least, water less often during the winter months.

Get To Know Your Plant

Being experts in plant maintenance, we understand the plant’s water requirements. Once again, there are two sorts of houseplants: dry and moist. Cacti, succulents (the most well-known of which are Aloe Vera and Echeveria), and numerous other species are members of the dry type (ZZ plant, Snake plant, Dumb Cane, Rubber plant, etc.). They prefer dry soil and do not require as much water as the others. Depending on the temperature of the space, watering once or twice a month may be enough. This tip is repeated throughout the article since overwatering is one of the leading causes of houseplant death.

The moist type: once the soil becomes dry, they want to be irrigated in the following days. Most tropical plants react in this manner.

The Dry type: they can survive on dry soil for extended periods of time. They’re simpler to maintain and ideal for novices.

Plantscapes – a division on Desert Group provides indoor plant maintenance contracts for all indoor and outdoor plants. We service all throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ajman. Get in touch with us at  04 590 4000 or email us at: contact plantscapes@desertgroup.ae