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3 Reasons Why Hotels Must Have Plants

Plants at Hotels, hotel plants

Whether you are a backpacker or a seasoned tourist, it is very likely that hotels are an integral part of your traveling journey. Hotels make your stay comfortable. Whether it is a local hotel with basic amenities or a three-star, five-star hotel with a heritage status; greenery is what makes the living spaces more interesting. […]

Summer Seasonals

Zinnia sp 2

For flower fanatics, summer is just another season which brings along vibrant Hues of bountiful blooms that brightens up containers, gardens and patio planters. Summer bouquets and flower beds are not complete without the addition of seasonal flowers. Summer seasonals are available in a vibrant range of colours and varieties. Periwinkles are available in a […]

Do you have a green thumb?

Indoor plants can add a wave of life to any space and thus it is imperative that you take care of them. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your indoor plants. Tip #1 The most common mistake that people make with indoor plants is overwatering them. When purchasing your indoor […]

Self-watering planters

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Its vacation season which means that your plants need to be taken care of while you indulge in your travels. Self-watering planters will solve all your problems! These handy pots have a nifty mechanism in place to ensure that your soil remains consistently moist and provides your plants with the moisture they need. They offer […]