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Its vacation season which means that your plants need to be taken care of while you indulge in your travels. Self-watering planters will solve all your problems!

These handy pots have a nifty mechanism in place to ensure that your soil remains consistently moist and provides your plants with the moisture they need. They offer convenience, efficiency of water and an improved plant health. The mechanism is easy to follow, the pots are able to provide moisture for the soil with the help of ‘wicking’ or ‘capillary action’ from the water reservoir. The plant roots come to contact with the reservoir and as they absorb water, the soil wicks up more, maintaining a consistent level of moisture in the soil. The four elements of self-watering pot are a growing bed, potting soil, water reservoir, and wicking system. This combination provides an efficient solution.


One of the main advantages of these pots is their convenience. With the busy schedules of today, there may not be enough time to tend to your plants and these pots offer the perfect solution. Another advantage is that there is no need to constantly check the moisture level of the soil as the water is delivered from the reservoir at the same rate that the plants are using it.

Another advantage of self-watering pots is the water efficiency. When you pour water into the soil, evaporation occurs and a large amount of the water is lost however, with self-watering pots, the level of water lost is comparatively very less and almost nonexistent when the soil is covered with a layer of mulch.

These pots also enable roots to grow downwards and not near the surface area where the moisture level is the highest which occurs with regular pots. It also eradicates the risk of overwatering your plants.

Even though these pots can be used with most plants, it is important to know if these pots will work with your plants. Plants such as succulents, orchids and others need to have their soil dry out between waterings, and self-watering pots will cause their roots to rot due to constant moisture.

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