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Plantscapes, a Desert Group company, provides expert indoor plant maintenance services for your Dubai home and workplace. When it comes to caring for and sustaining home plants, at Plantscape we consider eight primary areas that will make your plants thrive in UAE conditions. Moisture, light, soil, temperature, humidity, fertilizers, potting, and pest control. Since each plant is not the same, different house plants will have different requirements for care. The two most important are watering and feeding. These two are the key to keeping your house plants happy and healthy.

Here are some factors we as an indoor plant maintenance company in UAE take into consideration while performing indoor plant maintenance services in Dubai:


The amount of water required by your plant is determined by the temperature and time of year. Plants require considerably more water when they are growing or blossoming than they do when they are resting, which occurs in late fall through winter. A thorough watering once or twice a week is preferable than a daily sprinkling. When a plant begins to become a bit dry, it is typically best to fully water it. You must learn about your plants’ water requirements.


It is best to be sparing with the fertilizer while fertilizing. Giving too little is preferable to giving too much. Only fertilize during the growth season, and preferably before applying, make sure the soil is wet. There are several fertilizers on the market, both liquid and granular, and the most well-known ones offer distinct advantages. We have experts for plant maintenance to give you regular tips to give you a jump start in the growth season.


Most home plants rely on sunlight for photosynthesis. When it comes to exposure, the two most important elements to consider are intensity and duration. These factors will vary depending on the plant. Direct sunlight is best for most plants, but it is difficult to obtain inside. Many houseplants are simply put in windows to gather sunshine. However, this may not be sufficient. Artificial light, such as fluorescent lighting, may be an excellent supplement to natural light, especially in regions where natural light is rare.


Most house plants in UAE need the use of potting soil or potting compost. Unlike natural soil, potting compost includes soil conditioners that are high in nutrients, have adequate aeration, and have good drainage. The mixes are usually made up of peat, perlite, and vermiculite. Natural soils do not generally drain effectively.

Pots and Containers:

The size of the container you use is an essential element in the growth of your house plant. You don’t want it to be too big or too little. A container that is too tiny may limit the plant’s development, but a pot that is too large will induce root disease due to too much moisture in the soil. The drainage system in pots and containers is maybe the most significant element. At Dubai Garden Centre & Wahat Al Sahraa Nursery you can find a wide variety of indoor plant pots in Dubai like GRP, Fibre, GRC, Ceramic, Clay etc.

Plantscapes provides an indoor plant maintenance contract where we cover take care of your plants for you. From watering, trimming, repotting to applying pesticides. We take care of it all. Our maintenance contract for indoor plants include:

Get in touch with us to help you make your plants look beautiful! Call us at 800-DESERT(337378) or write to us plantscapes@desertgroup.ae to know more.