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Walls that do more than just separate spaces; they breathe life into your surroundings, cleansing the air, rejuvenating spirits, and creating stunningly visual landscapes. It’s not a glimpse into the future, but a reality, brought to you by the unrivaled, innovative green living walls found only at Plantscapes. Pioneers in the field, Plantscapes goes further, creating lush, extraordinary havens from the drab, converting the architectural into the elegant natural.


Just browsing our portfolio tells you everything you need to know about the transformative power of green living walls. Whether we’re reimagining office lobbies as green sanctuaries, turning restaurants into captivating natural venues or transforming hotel walls into plant-filled works of art, the impact of our living walls stretches across a vast array of themes and styles in a significant range of venues. From strict geometric patterns to riotous explosions of color, to simply the warm glow of healthy, verdant plants, there’s absolutely nowhere that a beautiful, natural work of art won’t shine.

Constructed from an array of air-purifying plants, our living walls are nature’s powerful answer to cleaner, fresher air. By absorbing pollutants and converting them into clean oxygen, they act as a powerful tool to significantly improve indoor air quality.

Indeed they do! Acting as natural insulators, living walls effectively moderate your building’s temperature. This significantly reduces the load on heating and cooling systems, decreasing your building’s energy consumption. This is why, Plantscapes designs green living walls with sustainability in mind, aiming to maximize their energy-saving potential.

The types of plants suitable for a living wall vary depending on the wall’s location (indoor or outdoor), climate, and light conditions. Indoor living walls often feature plants that thrive in low-light conditions, such as pothos, ferns, and peace lilies, which are also known for their air-purifying qualities. Outdoor living walls can include a wider range of plants, including perennials, succulents, and even edible plants, depending on the climate. At Plantscapes, our wide plant selection allows us to customize your green living wall with the perfect mix of colors, textures, and varieties to meet your aesthetic and environmental conditions.

From system to plant types, maintenance varies. Generally, living walls require regular watering, fertilization, and pruning to remain healthy and vibrant. Automated irrigation systems can simplify watering, but manual checks are still necessary to ensure plant health. Plantscapes offers professional annual maintenance plans that include periodic checks and care, ensuring your living wall thrives without you needing to worry about the specifics of its upkeep.

Green living walls are versatile and can be designed to suit a wide range of climates, from cold to tropical environments. The key is selecting the right plants and system that can adapt to the specific climate conditions of an area. For colder climates, it’s essential to choose hardy plants or install the living wall in a protected indoor space. In warmer climates, a variety of plants can thrive outdoors. Plantscapes’ expertise in customizable designs means that we can create green living walls that are not only beautiful but also resilient, regardless of your climate.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

Come on a journey with Plantscapes to discover the transformative power of green living walls in your environment. We’re here to help you every step of the way – from design to installation, and beyond. We promise your green dream will change the environment, setting a new benchmark in sustainable design.

Our aim is to create urban living environments where humanity and nature can coexist. We believe that shared, green space is the key to future cities. We say that a Plantscapes wall is ‘mining the air’, because it doesn’t just perform a relentless pursuit of carbon sequestration. Our green walls are a thing of beauty, of course – and yet they’re so much more than that, mining the air for pollution that causes bad health and global warming.