Trending Indoor landscape ideas

Trends in interior landscaping are on the move. As people make a shift towards biophilia – an innate tendency to seek a connection to nature, plants and greens take the center stage. The interior design industry of the region, today finds itself at the helm of a multi-faceted demand shift driven by generational, demographical and climatic changes. Plantscapes are becoming a sought after addition to commercial and residential spaces that are looking to add aesthetics and improve indoor environmental quality. 2017 is all about injecting life to your interior. Below are a few Plantscape trends that are sure to liven your décor:

Green Walls: Considering the limitation of space these days, green or vertical walls are a great option for your interiors. Not only do they add colour and texture to your décor but also exude an environmentally friendly vibe and promotes clean air. In the past, walls were adorned by painting and artifacts, but this innovative way of introducing plants to the décor will bring life to the surrounding. A living wall can be built in varied sizes to cover a multi-storey space to a small framed piece. Moreover, as the rich foliage of these walls flourishes, it will contribute a variation of design and colour to the look of the interiors. Colourful plants, succulents and trailing vines are a great choice for your green walls. You could also consider adding a water feature to your living wall. The possibilities are endless!

Water features: Interior décor these days is greatly inspired by nature. In nature, it is common to find water and plants together, so it would be a good idea to try a similar setting indoors too. This combination works wonders! The soothing effects of moving water instantly lends an aesthetic feel to your interior design.  Whether it is a large fountain at the entrance or a tabletop fountain, water features add instant beauty to your surroundings. Wall fountains are majorly trending this year. Interior Designers are often using wall mounted fountains as a focal point in their decorating.

Creating an outdoor set up: The extreme heat in the region, may stop us from stepping outside our homes, but this cannot stop us from bringing the outdoors, indoor. Creating outdoor ambiance within indoor spaces, is the latest trend, fast gaining momentum. The basic concept is to create the feel of being outside in an indoor environment. This can be achieved by adding plants such as bamboo, palms or ornamental grass and combine it with wooden furniture and comfortable seating that gives an outdoor garden feel. An exquisite water feature could also add a soothing and calming effect to your room. This way you need not, miss your weekend garden sessions with your family, during the summers.

Edible Garden: Creating an edible garden is perfect for the health and interior enthusiast alike. With organic food becoming increasingly popular, people love to use home grown ingredients in their food. There are a number of fruit and vegetable plants that can grow indoors. These edible plants are both pleasing to the eyes and are packed with culinary benefits. Placing them on the window sill or even in vertical gardens can add a fun element to your décor and simultaneously enhance your dining experience.

So whether you are an interior designer, building owner or facility manager, consider adding the final touches to your décor by selecting plants that complement your interior.