Although shifting homes is quite common here, it is a tedious task. Apart from the ordeal of packing and unpacking, it takes a while to get used to the new place and ways. As difficult it is for us to make and cope with the change, it is equally tough for plants to adapt and adjust to the new place. Plants do not like being shifted too often in a room, so a location change can be pretty stressful for them.

The first thing you have to consider before you move any of your plants, is the size of your old place versus that of your new home. If you are shifting into a smaller place then you will have to find a good home for the ones you have to leave behind. If you are having problems deciding which ones to keep behind, remember your new place might be facing a different direction so factors like sunlight and air circulation will differ. Not all the plants that fared well in your old house would do well in the new one.

The big potted plants in your garden might be a problem to move considering their weight, unless they were potted on special containers with wheels. If you are hiring a movers and packers company to do the shifting, it would be a good idea to ensure they wrap the pots in a bubble wrap. Both plastic and ceramic pots can break during the transporting process. Also don’t forget to mark them as fragile and let the movers know about it.

For house plants, we suggest, if possible take them yourself. Make sure you do not water your plants a day before or they will drip all over your car. Get yourself a few plastic or wooden crates depending on the number of plants you have. Arrange your plants in the crates close to each other and fill any empty spaces with jars or rolls of newspaper to prevent the pots from moving. While taking them in your car make sure the windows are rolled up as strong wind can damage the plant. On reaching your new home, set your plants and give them some water. Let them then rest and adjust to the new environment.


It’s a common saying that all that a plant requires is tender, care and love and within a few days your plant should be able to adjust too its new home.