Plantscapes was established in 2014 as one of the first companies to provide plant rentals in UAE, and over the years has built a reputation for excellence in the plantscaping industry.

Specialising in plant rentals for exhibitions, corporate events, house decor, film shoots, weddings and many other events and functions in UAE, Plantscapes provides easy solutions to any aesthetic and plantscaping requirements of its clients. Rental options are available for indoor and outdoor plants along with a large range of decorative containers and pots.

Delonix 70ltr 100-120mm 3-3.5mtr qty 150 olea bonsai 300mm 2.5-3mtr qty Ficus bonsai (2.0 - 2.3m Ht.) Ficus bonsai cone big (3.0 - 3.5m Ht,)=1

Why plant rentals?

Plantscape designs are becoming increasingly popular all over the world as plants add so much value to a setting by creating a naturally beautiful ambiance and prove more valuable than traditional cut flowers. Plant rental services allow clients to achieve this without having to purchase plants or worry about the maintenance.

Plant rental options- Short Term and Long Term

Rental plants are available for a short duration conducting events like exhibitions, Weddings, Themed Events, Display homes, Marketing displays, Homes, Penthouses, Corporate Functions and many more.

For a longer duration, plants are available for rent on a long term basis, where the maintenance of the plants will be the responsibility of Plantscapes. Long term rentals are popular for offices, homes and seasonal events.

Product Range

All plants available for sale at Plantscapes are also available for rent. A few products include moss walls, green walls and pots. The detailed product range can be viewed on the company’s website.

Whether you require plants for an indoor or outdoor function, we can assist you in creating a fantastic first impression and adding that special atmosphere to your event. Our experience and expertise in the interior plantscaping industry mean we can make things a little easier for our clients providing creative plant solutions for any occasion.

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