Green Walls & Moss Walls



The present generation of urban gardeners work to create gardens where they live. Greenery grows and flourishes on roof terraces and vertically on the walls in apartments. Technical solutions are in full bloom, the spectrum ranges from wall planters to huge hanging gardens.

Plantscapes tapped this growing trend early on and discovered a flourishing worldwide innovation which caught the attention of the home gardener - Moss walls and Green walls. Thanks to clever installation and watering systems, Plantscapes overcame the problem of growing plants into vertical gardenscapes on walls.

Green Walls-

Green walls are self-sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior or interior of a building. Plantscapes specialises in both, artificial and living walls, to meet the needs of its clients. Green walls can be customised as per the specifications of each client. At Plantscapes, diversity is the key, and each design is created by utilizing hundreds of different types of plants to create striking patterns and unique designs. Our system accommodates flowering perennials, beautiful foliage plants, ground covers and even allows for bushes, shrubs, and small trees. Our expertise in this field creates almost endless possibilities in design! As a result, we can design a vertical garden that is uniquely customized to your space.

Moss Walls-

Moss walls are a unique take on the concept of vertical gardens, with tiny details of moss suggesting an ancient, mysterious, but benevolent world beyond our understanding. At Plantscapes, we believe that moss walls are a symbol of harmony, age, and tradition and thus discovered that we could create dimensional art pieces that abstracted natural design, and complemented all kinds of interiors.


Let your vertical garden transport you to an ancient place of simplicity and seclusion, a world of mystery and possibility. This miniature landscape invites you!


Whether you require installations for an indoor or outdoor setting, we can assist you in creating a beautiful masterpiece to call your own. Our experience and expertise in the interior plantscaping industry mean we can make things a little easier for our clients providing creative plant solutions for any occasion.