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Desert Plantscapes, are leaders in UAE for the design and production of interior and exterior green walls. As green wall experts in Dubai, Plantscapes highlights their best maintenance program for living green wall systems in UAE. 

Proper upkeep for the living green walls is critical for the longevity of the living design. The walls must be easily accessible, and routine maintenance should be conducted on a regular basis. Plants must be trimmed and cleaned correctly to stay compact. Fertilization on a regular basis ensures that plants retain the optimum levels of color and vibrancy. Effective care keeps living wall systems in control, plants healthy, and the intended aesthetics of each wall intact.

Desert Plantscapes Maintenance Program

Desert Plantscapes provides the only industry-leading green wall maintenance program in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with hardware coverage included as standard on all walls after installation and available after expiry. Desert Plantscapes being leading specialists in green wall maintenance, visit the site on a monthly basis as part of the maintenance program to guarantee attractiveness. Intermittent activities are performed on a regular basis by Desert Plantscapes experienced personnel to maintain good plant health, perfect moisture levels, and appropriate system performance.

Because irrigation is necessary for plant life, irrigation and drainage systems are kept in good working order. Wall components, such as tanks, trays, filters, and fasteners, are also inspected and cleaned. Desert Plantscapes experienced technicians do lighting inspections on an as-required basis, changing timers and lights as needed to ensure plants receive enough light.

Maintenance makes the difference.

Desert Plantscapes’ living green wall systems in UAE are always built for ease of maintenance. As an alternative to pre-grown panels, green walls enable plants to be simply maintained and replaced with minimal mess.

Desert Plantscapes’ proven green wall solutions, supported by a skilled network of maintenance providers, have the potential to succeed in places where a living wall is imaginatively built. Prior to installation, Desert Plantscapes Plant Systems and dealers collaborate with clients to pick appropriate plants, provide effective maintenance access, and guarantee optimal lighting conditions to ensure the life of the living wall.

Desert Plantscapes is a premier provider for design and production of living green walls in the Dubai, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. If you’re interested in adding a living green wall to your property, call us or contact plantscapes@desertgroup.ae