Celebrations the green way!

Making use of plants and flower arrangements when planning a special event is a given! When you start looking at the cost involved for only a few days or even just a few hours in the case of a wedding you will have second thoughts!

This is where Plantscapes can help you with providing plants and a variety of other products on a rental basis. Plantscapes offer short term and long-term plant rental services. Be it artificial plants or natural, flowering plants or green walls, Plantscapes has it all available for rent.

With Plantscapes’ unique and creative plant rental offering, you can surround yourself with greenery at any event, be it a wedding, exhibition, birthday party or any other special occasion. You don't need to purchase and maintain these plants, you are provided with an instant, green, sustainable and effortless plant rental solution.

Whether you require plants for an indoor or an outdoor function, Plantscapes can assist you by creating a spectacular first impression, adding tranquil ambiance to any event. Our experience and expertise in the interior Plantscaping industry makes it a little easier for our clients, providing creative plant rental solutions for any occasion.

Get in touch with our experts for a unique and creative plant rental solution at 800 DESERT or drop us a line at plantsacpaes@desertgroup.ae