Wooden planters are good for your plant’s health!

Plants and flowers enhance the overall look of a house or workplace. Using planters is a good idea to uplift the look of your plants. Planters act as a finishing touch to a landscaping project. Hanging baskets, pots, planters of different shapes, sizes, colors can add style and elegance inside and outside your residential building […]

Can indoor plants be used for interior design?

Looking to breathe life into your home or office? Wondering how it can be done without disrupting the colour scheme of the area? Well, indoor plants are the way to go. Sometimes, using indoor plants to design a certain space might be a bit tricky, but that’s where Plantscapes comes in. Our highly skilled team […]

Vertical Gardening

While we have already spoken about green walls in our previous blogs we now touch on the larger topic of vertical gardening. With apartments getting smaller, this form of gardening is gaining increased prominence. When we think of a garden, we often imagine a variety of plants and flowers rooted in soil or pots. As […]

Tips for moving your house plants

Although shifting homes is quite common here, it is a tedious task. Apart from the ordeal of packing and unpacking, it takes a while to get used to the new place and ways. As difficult it is for us to make and cope with the change, it is equally tough for plants to adapt and […]

Indoor pots for each room!

Who wouldn’t love a home filled with lush green plants, they add beauty and freshness to your indoor space. Interior plant decoration provides a pleasant and tranquil environment where you can work, relax and live, along with a number of health benefits that accompany the aesthetically pleasing arrangements. As we near summers, we will be […]

Balcony Gardening

While living in Dubai gets expensive every year, residents are shifting to apartment living. But this choice does come with its share of pros and cons. The biggest con being not able to enjoy the luxury and benefits of a lush garden and growing fruits vegetable and flowers of one’s choice. We now bust this […]

Your Green abode!

The harsh summers in Dubai, forces us to unwillingly shift our outdoor fun to indoor activities and those garden parties to in-house dinners. As much as we miss the serene environment, fresh air and the positivity of being surrounded by a natural habitat, we are left with no choice but move into the closure of […]

Trending Indoor landscape ideas

Trends in interior landscaping are on the move. As people make a shift towards biophilia – an innate tendency to seek a connection to nature, plants and greens take the center stage. The interior design industry of the region, today finds itself at the helm of a multi-faceted demand shift driven by generational, demographical and […]

Tips for Indoor gardening

Understand your plant: Plants are living things and can themselves indicate their requirements. For healthy plant growth, it is necessary to observe and study your plants individually and carefully. The dampness of the soil, the posture and colour of the leaves, are a direct giveaway of the needs of your plant. Drooping leaves are a […]

The World of Pots and Plantscapes


       Pairing houseplants with the right pots can not only transform interior spaces but also add texture, colour and accent to the décor. While choosing a pot, its shape, size and material must be considered. The colour and finish of a pot must also complement interiors and enhance the ambiance of a space. […]