There is one word that describes Spathiphyllum to me and that is ‘elegant’. You only have to look at its’ abundance of dark green, glossy , oval shaped leaves which have tall, greenish spikes coming out of them showing off the perfectly formed white, cream flowers (called a spadex) that is then protected by a white sail shaped petal (called a spathe). How beautiful and elegant is that?

It is one of the most popular Indoor plants in the world and it doesn’t need a lot of attention. It comes originally from the Rain forests in Central and South America so you can imagine it snuggled up at the base of those huge trees where is gets only a little sunlight but has water slowly dripping on its soil keeping it slightly moist.

In your home in Dubai you should position it away from the window and full sun, more in the middle of your room, you will only need to water it approximately once a week , this is a plant you do not over water, the soil only needs to be moist. Being a tropical plant it does love humidity and warmth so keep it away from the cold air of the air-conditioner.

Spathiphyllum is an evergreen and a perennial so it will last for a long time at least three years if happy in its’ environment. It is commonly called the Peace Lily though it has no relation to the Lilly family and is striking when used in a mass display.

But not only does Spathiphyllum look amazing and is easy to look after it is also one of the Indoor plants that naturally cleans the air in your room. It absorbs carbon dioxide and will remove any nasty airborne germs which can produce headaches, nausea, sore and itchy eyes etc. and of course it produces fresh oxygen.

Spathiphyllum is an incredible Indoor plant that you should have in your Dubai home.

The Dubai Garden Centre has Spathiphyllum in stock all year round.

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